Experience the most customizable wrist watch platform. Wrist Technology has it all covered.

Technology Licensing

Dynawa Platform Development Kit

Wrist Technology Ltd. provides the fully assembled Dynawa Platform Development Kit complete with wrist watch case (made from Delrin). It is essential solution for debugging and development of wearable software applications and further hardware modification and extension of the platform.

To request a quote, please contact our sales team and we will get back to you with the right solution tailored to you.

Wrist OS Software

The WristOS (operating system) is free of charge as it is based on open source licenses. However the use of the names "Dynawa" or "WristOS" requires purchasing a lisense (contact us for more information).

Download (7.10 MB) source from here or check it out at

Dynawa & Wrist OS Demo Kit

Get the bare PCB (printed circuit board) with a wrist watch case to kickstart your wearable project.

The Demo kit costs $35 USD plus shipping. Contact sales for an order.

WristOS Fundamentals
  • FreeRTOS
  • Lua
  • lwIP
  • lwBT
  • FatFs
  • libpng
  • zlib